Our Story

A.H. Meyer learned the beekeeping trade in the early 1930's. Although times weren't always easy, his company became known for honesty, kindness, ingenuity & adaptability.

A.H. Meyer and Sons, Inc. is now a 4th generation family-owned & operated company. JB, Ken & Melissa continue their family beekeeping tradition of sharing the finest beeswax with you.

Did you know?

Our beeswax pellets are created from the finest and most fragrant US beeswax, a difference you’ll notice as soon as you receive your package.

Triple Filtered Cosmetic Grade

Compare to:

Beeswax pellets are often sourced from countries where villagers still rely on open fire pits to melt the honeycomb. Because of this, other pellets often take on a smoky note.

"Smells like heaven and melts in no time!"

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